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Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Scandinavian Cabin Retreat

We welcome any questions you may have. 

escape the ordinary, luxury nature retreat

What models KONGA offers?


Konga offers three cabin models:

Konga L – 30m2 living space, two double-beds, designed to comfortably accommodate 4 people.

Konga M – 18m2 living space, one double-bed, designed to comfortably accommodate 2-3 people.

Konga RV (for US market) – 19m2 living space, one double-bed, designed to comfortably accommodate 2-3 people, categorized as Park Model Recreational Vehicle (has metal chassis with wheels).

For more detailed information please contact

How much does KONGA cabin cost ?


The base price for Konga L cabin is 59,500 EUR (excl. VAT), KONGA M is 48,500 EUR (excl. VAT).

This includes standard set up for GRID cabin's structure, interior, terrace, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, lighting, heating, and ventilation.

OFF-GRID solutions can add an extra cost of 1700-21000 EUR (excl. VAT) to the GRID KONGA price.

In order to get a full pricing list - please contact

Where KONGA cabin can be delivered ?

KONGA Cabins offer worldwide delivery via truck, ship, or helicopter. However, some remote locations may result in higher transportation costs while delivering the cabin as a unit. To address this, we have developed a solution that allows for the cabins to be delivered either as one unit or as separate elements that can be packed into a shipping container and assembled on the site, minimizing transportation costs.

How much does KONGA cabin transportation cost ?


Our factory is in Lithuania, the 4th largest exporter of wooden buildings in the world after China, Canada, and Estonia (Source: Eurostat). For locations reachable by truck, transportation costs can be roughly estimated by multiplying the distance from Vilnius to your site, by 3 Eur/km (excl. VAT).

For sites that cannot be reached by truck or are over 2500km away from Lithuania, we'll provide an individual transportation price estimate.

escape the ordinary, luxury nature retreat

Can KONGA cabin be bigger / smaller ?

Unfortunately, no. We have spent more than two years developing our standard cabin models, therefore we believe that the current sizes of the cabins makes the perfect balance between sustainability and comfort.

Can I change the interior/exterior colors ?



Yes, during our initial video call we would be glad to hear your likes and dislikes. Having this information, we can make tailored solutions and personalize your KONGA, although we are strict on the materials chosen, so if the corrections still meet our sustainable design requirements that are approved by Konga architect Mette Fredskild – we are good to go.

How long does it take to install the KONGA cabin and how much it cost ?

The installation of KONGA cabin takes 1-3 days depending on the location, terrain and off-grid systems.

It’s very hard to set a fixed price for installation, as it depends heavily on the location of the cabin, therefore the price is being evaluated individually.

Usually, the installation costs are between 1000 - 3000 EUR.

What is the difference between GRID and OFF-GRID ?

Basically - it is a tradeoff between comfort and sustainability. It's important to consider that OFF-GRID accommodations offer some benefits, but they come with a few limitations. The electric power capacity is more restricted, heating may require extra manual effort, showers should be quick and might not always be as warm as desired, and the toilet needs manual emptying. If connecting to the grid is possible, it would be more comfortable and convenient way to go. However, if grid connectivity isn't available, OFF-GRID systems will provide to your basic needs.

escape the ordinary, luxury nature retreat

Do KONGA cabins require a foundation ?

KONGA cabins do not need a concrete foundation unless there are some specific requirements by the local municipalities. In most cases the cabin could be placed on a leveled gravel pad, rocks pad, or mounted on helical piles/screws.

Does the site require special preparation ?

No specific preparation is required, although it’s very helpful to have the site cleaned from bushes, rocks or other obstacles and have a good access for a truck and a mobile crane. Also, for the GRID version – the infrastructure for main grid connections (electricity, water and sewage) should be prepared before the cabin delivery.

Do I need a special permit ?

In most cases a permit will be required. It highly depends on the location of the cabin. Each country, state and municipality have its own regulations and laws therefore the requirements for the permits also differ. The client should check the permit requirements before ordering KONGA cabin and inform us if some adjustments will be needed.

What is the difference between GRID and OFF-GRID ?

KONGA provides 10 years structural warranty and 2 years warranty for the appliances and furniture. Good thing about Konga cabins – the older it gets, the nicer it looks. It's due to natural materials we use – burned wood, natural oak, slim CLT, stone, and metal.

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