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Frequently asked Questions

the way of living:
architect designed wooden kitchens.
modern. sustainable. trendless.

What is a KONGA Cph kitchen ?

Konga Cph exclusively represents 3 types of handcrafted kitchens, which where designed in collaboration with leading Danish architects Mette Fredskild (25x25 kitchen), Kristian Ahlmark (Tenon kitchen) and Lithuanian architects Heima (Roots kitchen). 

What is the KONGA Cph kitchen made of ?

The cabinet frame construction of all KONGA kitchens is based on 19mm oak veneer, which can be painted or covered with OSMO oil. Colors cab be chosen individually.
Konga Cph kitchen drawers are made from solid oak wood with the possibility of aligning wood texture vertically or horizontally. In addition, drawers can be filled with handcrafted cutlery or knife inserts, individually tailored per your habits. 

Does KONGA Cph have a showroom ?

We aim to stay cost-effective and give the best possible price quote, so we go digital and do not keep a showroom. Nevertheless, for each our client we send KONGA Cph sample kit, which shows the quality of our work and we provide with a reference of our previous clients. By this KONGA Cph kitchens are aimed to be spread from mouth to mouth.

How to get a price quote for the KONGA Cph kitchen ?

To get a price quote, send us a short email.
Let us know the following information:
-- which KONGA Cph kitchen interests you the most (25x25 kitchen, Tenon kitchen or Roots kitchen) ?
-- when do you expect your kitchen to be delivered?
-- a hand-sketch with preliminary measurements.
We will get back to you within 24h and will inform you about the price estimate.

Does KONGA Cph have an internal installation team?

Yes, each KONGA Cph kitchen is installed by an experienced installation team, which thoroughly knows all 3 types of kitchens.

How long is the delivery time ?

Production time is approximately 8 weeks (from when the agreement is signed).
However, additional time may be required for periods of high volume. You would be notified about such cases.

How is the kitchen delivered ?

Konga kitchens are delivered pre-assembled and directly to your home.

What are payment conditions ?

Advanced payment (40% of the total cost) is paid after the agreement is signed. Payment on delivery (50% of total cost) is paid during delivery. The remaining (10% of the total cost) shall be paid after installation is completed.

To which markets do you deliver KONGA Cph kitchens?

We deliver to the following markets: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.
If you have a favor of delivering to other countries than mentioned above, kindly notify us in advance.

What warranties do you offer ?

All kitchens (25x25 kitchen, Tenon kitchen and Roots kitchen) come with a 5 year warranty for cabinet construction and facades. In addition, 20 year warranty applies for hinges and fittings from BLUM. 

What are other kitchen related items that we can order from KONGA Cph?

We are happy to assist you in choosing tabletops produced from stainless steel or natural stone. If you are interested in receiving a price quote from us, include this in your initial email.

How much can KONGA Cph kitchen be customized ?

All of our kitchens are built entirely from scratch in our carpentry in Lithuania. 
This means that every single element is of exceptional craftsmanship and carefully quality-controlled.
We present our types of kitchens (25x25 kitchen, Tenon kitchen and Roots kitchen) with standardized sizes (600mm width). At the same time we can adjust kitchen cabinets per individual customers' needs (580mm or any other). 

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